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Welcome to Lawall Prosthetics and Orthotics located in Enola, PA. For the last 40 years patients have trusted our knowledgeable practitioners to help them find and get fitted with the perfect prosthetic or orthotic.

At Lawall you aren’t just a number, you can expect the best individualized care that doesn’t stop after the first visit. Our Lawall team will be with you throughout your journey with follow-up appointments and always there to answer any questions about your care.

Beyond our care, we offer the latest prosthetics and orthotics technology available in today’s market. We are constantly scouring the market for new products to bring to our practice, schedule an appointment to find out more.

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Patient Services


The primary goal of orthotics is to assist the muscular and skeletal systems in a positive way. When injuries or deformities are present, orthotic devices are used to gradually correct the problem or accommodate for the deficiency. Orthoses are fabricated for nearly every part of the body


A basic prosthetic overview cannot touch on all of the different intricacies involved with being fitted for and using a prosthetic device. However, taking a closer look at what we can provide to our patients can help you understand just why we’ve become one of the largest, most trusted prosthetic care providers in the northeast.


Our practitioners are skilled at helping patients of all ages, particularly young ones. Pediatrics has been a passion and a focus at Lawalls’ since our inception in 1977. We are proud to offer a full range of quality pediatric care from newborns, to adolescents. No matter if the problem is a birth defect, an injury, or an illness, we’re ready to help.

Qualified Practitioners

Lawall Prosthetic & Orthotic Services employs only well-trained and highly skilled orthotists and prosthetists who are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics and licensed within the states where they practice.

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