Our practitioners are skilled at helping patients of all ages, particularly young ones. Pediatrics has been a passion and a focus at Lawalls’ since our inception in 1977. We are proud to offer a full range of quality pediatric care from newborns, to adolescents. No matter if the problem is a birth defect, an injury, or an illness, we’re ready to help.

Our pediatric process starts with a thorough evaluation, which includes gathering all available data and information from a child’s physicians and therapists. We will then measure our patient for the most appropriate device possible. Measurements can be done in the form of casting, numerical measurements, or scans of the affected area. The fitting of the orthosis or prosthesis is next. Once we feel comfortable with the fit, the patient and his or her parents will be instructed on wearing and caring for the device. At this point follow-up appointments are usually scheduled.

Scoliosis- Is a condition that causes the spine to curve sideways. Idiopathic scoliosis usually starts around the age of 10 and continues until the child is done growing. Many cases do not require surgery, but orthotic bracing is typically recommended in cases when a curve is between 25-45 degrees. The orthosis is used to prevent the curve from getting worse.

Lawall has been treating kids with scoliosis for over 40 years. Harry J. Lawall Jr. worked closely with the doctors at Nemours to use the Wilmington Brace, which is still being used today.  But Lawall pediatric specialists are well versed in all options for scoliosis bracing such as the  Boston Brace and Charleston Bending Brace. The course of treatment always depends on the patients presentation and physicians decision regarding the course of treatment. 

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Cranial Molding Helmets- Cranial Molding Helmets have effectively and painlessly reshaped over 100,000 infants heads for the treatment of deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly and other head shape asymmetries in infants ages 3-18 months for over the past 13 years and is cleared by the FDA.


Lawall’s custom Cranial Molding Helmet is used to gently shape the infant’s head into a more proportional and round shape as the infant’s head grows. The helmet leaves a void over the flat areas of the head promoting growth and contacts the more rounded areas of the head discouraging growth. The helmet does not put pressure on an infant’s head therefore, it is painless.


Being on the cutting edge of technology is important to us, therefore Lawall was one of the first companies in the US to purchase the Starscanner Laser Data System. The scanner significantly improves the orthotic treatment of cranial asymmetry in infants. The technology reduces the amount of time it takes a patient to receive the device by 50%. It also eliminates the need to take a mold of the child’s head, which can be upsetting for the infant. The STARscanner’s™ also has software that produces a detailed summary report of the infants progress. This report is given to the the infant’s pediatrician, the insurance company, and the parents.

Pediatric Prosthetics - Pediatric prosthetics are unique because the prostheses must be able to accommodate for growth and normal wear and tear the child will inevitably subject the prosthesis to! Lawall takes great pride in working our pediatric patients whether it be from the beginning of life due to a congenital amputation or diagnosis that resulted in an amputation during their childhood.  We recognize our job is to help kids be kids and to create an unstoppable prosthesis! 

Pediatric Orthotics- The majority of pediatric patients require custom orthotics due to their unique presentation, high activity level and growth. Lawall is fortunate to have an in house fabrication lab to create any orthoses needed. We also work with outside pediatric manufactures who create custom solutions for various patient populations.