Upper Extremity Prosthetics

A basic prosthetic overview cannot touch on all of the different intricacies involved with being fitted for and using a prosthetic device. However, taking a closer look at what we can provide to our patients can help you understand just why we’ve become one of the largest, most trusted prosthetic care providers in the northeast.

Our practitioners are certified by the American Board for Certification, the official seal of approval that lets patients know their orthotic and prosthetic provider is fully trained. The certification process involves numerous steps, such as schooling, a residency program and certification tests. Every practitioner must renew their license every five years and maintain the proper number of continuing education credits. Therefore, you can be assured that no matter what type of prosthetic care you’re receiving, you will be working with a professional in the field.

Currently, the most exciting advancements in prosthetics are for those with upper extremity limb loss. Lawall is on the cutting edge of this exciting new technology.  Tasks which were previously impossible are now performed with greater ease and efficiency. Our upper extremity specialists are available for consults and evaluations to help patients explore new possibilities and redefine what is possible. 

Coapt system is an exciting advancement that revolutionized upper extremity prosthetics. This system works on muscle pattern recognition. It is FDA Class II cleared and has increased the functionality of patients using a myoelectric prosthesis.
The Naked Hand by Naked Prosthetics has opened a new world of opportunity to partial hand amputees. The Naked Hand is customized to meet a patients needs. It is a durable, functional, finger prosthesis designed specifically to help patients with a partial hand amputation regain the function of their lost digit or digits.
Quantum has designed the iLimb which is unique because it can be gesture controlled. It can also be controlled by muscle, apps, or proximity. It has 5 independently moving digits.
OttoBock’s Bebionic hand is incredible and designed to be the most lifelike bionic hand. It has 14 different grip patterns and hand positions to help users accomplish any task they desire.
Living Skin s a lifelike passive prosthesis. It is a prosthesis designed to be unnoticed. It is fabricated using high definition silicone and hand painted to match a patients skin tone and appearance.
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