Meet Renee…

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” -Albert Einstein
Renee Jones is a Physical Therapist and mom of 2 rambunctious boys who are 16 and 8 and she is always running around with them. Renee is in a unique position being a home care physical therapist and an amputee. Sometimes patients are not sure what to make of it all. But the majority of the people Renee works with see her as an inspiration, she reports they often say (1).jpg

“If you can come here and do what you do for me with all that you have going on, I can now do what it is you are asking me to do.”

Renee is on the move all day. And steps are just one of the obstacles she needs to navigate on a daily basis.

“As a home care Physical Therapist I need steps to go into the house, steps to come out, I am doing steps inside as I am doing stair training with my patients. So I am extremely active”

Renee works with Traci Romano CPO in Lawall’s Frankford Ave office. They have been working together for years and the rapport they have developed is essential to Renee’s prosthetic care.

“Anytime I come in Traci is always saying, “Renee, let’s try this and see how you like it.” She makes sure that I have a knee that is going to stand up to my daily activities.”