Justin Salvatera

My name is Justin Salvatera and I have been an amputee for over 20 years. When I was a child, only 12 years old, I lost my leg due to cancer. I had a bone tumor, and it was tough, but we were really fortunate to catch it early. I had a slow recovery due to some other medical things, so I was on crutches for a long time. When I did finally get a prosthesis, it was really a big day, it was certainly a new way of life.

When you become an amputee you’re an amputee forever, it kind of changes who you are, it changes you in a big way. It became part of my identity, where I grew up, I was the only other amputee I knew. So, it was cool when I moved to Philadelphia years ago and I just googled looking for a good prosthetist and I found and went to some other prosthetic companies first, but I did not get the care that you expect that you would get from a family-owned company. But luckily, I found out that there was a Lawall office here and I started working with the Lawall family.

It is like a giant community of support. When I first came to work at Lawall, I came in for my first appointment and Jack was here he immediately made me feel comfortable and assured me that we were going to make a leg that fits right.

I was living an active lifestyle at the time, I was a chef, and I was working long days and hours, so having a proper fit on the leg was critical. I am incredibly grateful for the Lawall family, it is such an incredible family company, to begin with and it’s great to be a part of that. I would recommend Lawall to any amputee, anybody who is looking for orthotic or prosthetic services the level of care the level of passion I have not found anywhere else it is an incredibly special place.