For those looking for a rehabilitation glove that aids you in recovering muscle strength, or an electrical stimulation device that helps you restore and retain muscle, Saebo is a brand with a strong presence in this field.

Based on the research surrounding the benefits of task-specific training, Saebo products help users recover from traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, or other injuries where the user struggles with adequate wrist/finger extension.

Using Saebo products, users can effectively use their hands for functional grasp and release activities that improve upper extremity function. In addition, Saebo products can help to restore or preserve muscle strength following injury and allows users to grow their functionality.

Described below are some of the products created by Saebo for the hand, including the features of each product and how they can benefit you.



The SaeboGlove offers a way to improve mobility at home through hand therapy and is a lightweight form of rehabilitation that can be completed on your own time.

The SaeboGlove makes it easier for those with an orthopedic or neurological injury to grab objects, yet simultaneously, the SaeboGlove allows them to increase hand mobility.

Comfort is key for the SaeboGlove, with three options for the wrist splint size and five options for the glove liner size, allowing you to find a perfect fit. In addition, the finger panels are Lycra, promoting a breathable and comfortable fit.

The silicon liner of the SaeboGlove helps to prevent misalignment of the glove, while anti-slip fingertips help to improve traction when grasping objects. The SaeboGlove is also securely wrapped around the user’s hand and wrist with a unique spiral forearm design which helps to support the wrist while still being functional.


The SaeboFlex is a custom-made dynamic hand splint that helps users overcome moderate-to-severe spasticity and helps those recovering from a traumatic brain injury or stroke grab objects.

The SaeboFlex assists users in grabbing by placing the wrist and fingers in extension. The user can then grasp objects by flexing their fingers. When the fingers relax, the extension spring system of the SaeboFlex assists the user in re-opening the hand to release the object.


This device is based on neurorehabilitation research showing that the brain can “re-program” itself through mass practice and task-oriented arm training.

The SaeboFlex contains digit caps, which help to prevent flexion at the fingertips and promote proper grasping motions. These come in multiple sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. The SaeboFlex also offers a specific thumb system that comes with multi-direction adjustments to accommodate all potential user positional needs.



The SaeboReach consists of the SaeboFlex device with an additional above-elbow section that allows for elbow extension. Like the SaeboFlex, the SaeboReach holds the user’s wrist and fingers in extension to help them prepare to grab an object. Once the user is done grabbing the object and their fingers relax, the extension spring system allows the user to re-open their hand to release the object.

An advantage of SaeboReach is that it allows for prehension grasp and release activities in those with moderate to severe hemiparesis or weakness on one side of the body. However, for proper use of the SaeboReach, users should be able to move the elbow and shoulder and curl the fingers.

SaeboReach is intended for those recovering from traumatic brain injury, stroke, radial nerve palsy, spinal cord injury, or other injuries that cause moderate to severe spasticity in the hand/wrist, wrist drop, hand and arm weakness, or an inability to open the hand.

SaeboReach is not a good fit for those with contractures, arthritis, or severe joint deformities in the arm/hand. Additionally, those with moderate to severe swelling or open wounds on the arm/hand will not be able to use SaeboReach.



The SaeboStretch offers a break for joints through the dynamic resting hand splint that improves finger curling. Additionally, it helps those surviving from traumatic brain injury or stroke manage their spasticity to minimize joint pain and damage.

Through three dynamic hand pieces that are interchangeable, the SaeboStretch can accommodate those with various levels of spasticity. It also possesses a unique strapping system over the fingers that maximizes finger positioning.

The primary goal of the SaeboStretch is to help minimize contractures and prevent soft tissue shortening. It allows the entire hand and wrist piece to bend with the user’s hand, helping to protect the joints, and the non-skid surface of the SaeboStretch ensures that your hand stays in the same position throughout the movement.

The hand plates also store energy, allowing them to return the hand to a neutral position safely.

In addition to the three adult sizes, the SaeboStretch comes in two pediatric sizes, offering a comfortable solution for even the most petite users.

SaeboStim One

Another electrical stimulation device offered by Saebo is the SaeboStim One, which is a wireless and wearable e-stim unit that helps to re-educate and strengthen muscles. This can help in cases where muscle weakness has already occurred due to disuse, or it can help prevent this muscle weakness from occurring.

The SaeboStim One is an excellent complement to the Saebo program.

SaeboStim One

It can be used before or after treatment, or it can be combined with other Saebo technology. No matter when it is used in the treatment process, adding SaeboStim One can improve overall functional recovery.

SaeboStim Micro
SaeboStim Micro

The third e-stim device offered by Saebo is the SaeboStim Micro, which helps to reduce spasticity while re-educating the hand and arm muscles.

Through a specialized Electro-Mesh Garment worn as a glove, the SaeboStim Micro is able to provide sensory electrical stimulation (SES) to the arm and hand. This glove is made of a material that is comfortable to wear, even when completing activities.

The SaeboStim Micro also consists of an elbow sleeve, which provides arm stimulation. The sleeve size allows for the distribution of stimulation over a large portion of the elbow and upper arm. The elbow sleeve and glove material is highly conductive and made of silver-treated nylon fibers blended with Dacron®, a durable and non-absorbent fiber.

The simulator is the world’s smallest, and it is attached using a wrist strap, allowing for quick and convenient access to the unit, whether at rest or completing activities. The simulator also has advanced protocols allowing for nighttime and daytime use.

SaeboStim Micro works best for those who want to improve muscle re-education or treat hand/arm pain, edema, or spasticity. However, SaeboStim Micro will not work on those with an implanted metallic device or swelling, infection, open wounds, inflammation, or scar tissue in the arm/hand. In addition, those with cardiac arrhythmias or seizures should not use SaeboStim Micro.


To be used with the functional Saebo products is SaeboMind, an audio collection of guided mental practice and imagery exercises that can help those recovering from neurological injuries such as stroke.

You can improve your upper extremity function by mentally rehearsing specific tasks and other aspects of your training.

Through SaeboMind, you can listen, visualize, and then retrain your brain to perform daily functional tasks, such as walking, opening doors, or brushing your hair.

The mind is a powerful component of recovery, and when combined with other Saebo products, you can see even more significant and faster results.  

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